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Our sausages are made of meat. No junk. No fillers.

Sourced from local family farms and crafted in small batches, these are the finest American sausages available.



SKU: 10151

Ring-style Cajun-inspired sausage with traditional Creole seasonings including garlic, cayenne, and chile powder.  Made from antibiotic-free, ABF American Raised Pork.

Beef Hot Dogs

Beef Hot Dogs

SKU: 10155

Uncured beef. Lightly smoked, these clean-label dogs are made only from the good stuff.

Retail - 5 PK - 10oz Link: 20 per case

Colorado Hot Links

Colorado Beef Hot links

SKU: 10153

These delicious hot links are fully cooked, so heat 'em up however you'd like. Broil, bbq, pan fry or bake over med-high heat, turning occasionally.


Summer Sausage

SKU: 10176

A midwest staple made front range style. Wagyu Beef smoked, then spiced with strong flavors of mustard, red pepper and coriander. A great treat for all your outdoor or indoor adventures.

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