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Our bacon is made of meat. No junk. No fillers.

Sourced from local family farms and crafted in small batches, this is the finest American bacon available.

Pork Bacon

Uncured Pork Bacon

SKU: 10185

Dry-rubbed and cured with our proprietary blend of herbs and spices, then smoked with pecan and peach wood. Currently available in stores. Check the Find Us page for a current list of retailers.


10185 - Uncured Retail Package - 12oz PK: 12/CS

10111 - Uncured Slab Bacon - 5lbs Avg 1/2: 4/CS
10186 - Uncured Sliced - 3lbs PK: 4/CS
10188 - Uncured Ends & Pieces - 1 40lbs PK

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